Essay On Martin Luther Protestant Reformation

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Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Essay

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Martin Luther almost single handedly lead the Protestant Reformation with his 95 Theses. A strict father who most likely did not accept “no” as an answer raised Martin Luther. Martin Luther turned out to follow in his footsteps in his fervor to change how a church teaches and practices Christianity. While the pope and the Catholic Church shunned Luther he took that time to create something that would be the foundation for the founding fathers and the empire that the United States would become. After studying the work of Augustine, Luther used his basic ideas to help form how he thought Christianity should be practiced. During Luther’s life the 2 people looked toward the religious officials such as the bishops,…show more content…

In 1562 the French religious wars began and although it was mainly over religion there were many other reasons for the war. Catherine de’ Medici attempted to avoid violence and battle by allowing the practice of Protestantism, although limited, she still allowed for it to happen. During the first war the protestant leaders showed great speed and were able to get things together more hastily than their Catholic enemies. They attacked and took over areas that were the more valuable such as waterways, roads, and highways. During this time Conde decided to make Orleans his main headquarters. The battle of Dreux was the most significant battle 3 and the Catholics caught Conde while the Protestants retreated to Orleans relatively safely. During this time war was slowing down and the Catholic leader proposed a settlement where the Protestants had some more freedom but not yet technically free. During the second war in 1567 Catherine began trying to unite forces in Bayonne. Catherine had the Spanish troops march along the Spanish Road which led from Italy to Flanders and this caught the Protestants attention. The Protestants were worried that this was an attack brewing around them, and they begun to attack Catholic cities. This war ended in 1568 with virtually the same results of the first war. In 1572 the St. Bartholomew’s day massacre began in the result of a failed assassination attempt. Catherine, who had been trying

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